❝The helplessness one feels while in an abusive situation is overwhelming. But, when No More Tears opens its doors for you a wind of hope comes over you. As a survivor of domestic violence, I am who I am today because of the blast of hope NMT pushed my way by opening the door for me.❞

Anonymous Survivor

❝Alone and scared, I called NMT's hotline on a Saturday morning. Somy herself picked up the phone. I cried and frantically explained my situation. Despite me being in Texas, Somy reassured me that she will help me. Her patience, consideration and kindness gave me a ray of hope. The next Monday, a immigration attorney called me and told me they would help me with my case for free. I will never forget how that ray of hope has given me the strength to continue life. NMT saves lives! Thank you NMT! Thank you Somy! You continue to inspire me daily with all the stuff that you do! May God bless you!❞

Anonymous Survivor

❝Because of my illegal immigration status most state/county agencies could not, would not help me, after I met with Somy she helped me with one month's rent, referrals for counseling and pro bono attorney services. I am truly grateful to have met such a caring person who took a personal interest in my problems and helped me resolve the most immediate ones. I believe people need to be made aware of NMT and the impact it has in victims' lives. I am fortunate to have been helped by NMT.❞

Anonymous Survivor

❝As an immigration attorney I believe that immigrant survivors of domestic violence are among the most vulnerable groups in our society. This is especially true when they are women and children. They live in the shadows of the shadows. Working with No More Tears is like shining a light to chase those shadows away and bring lives back into the sunshine. It is uplifting to witness the transformation from "victim" to Victory. It's awesome. I would encourage any donor or volunteer to connect with Somy Ali and No More Tears. Get involved!❞

❝As a therapist and women's advocate, it is easy for me to understand the need for an organization like Nor More Tears. Yet, it is the commitment and dedication to help with such selflessness that inspires me to want to give more. I may not be able to give much of my time, but I know that my financial support is saving lives and that makes my heart smile in gratitude. I am proud to be a supporter!❞

Amy Baez, Donor

❝NMT is not just a cause. It is a movement that sheds light on an issue we seldom hear about on the news or TV. The women NMT has helped are women who often have no communication skills, no personal income, and have been raised in third world countries where rebelling against your husband usually leads to public humiliation and punishment. As a Pakistani-American, I find this organization especially close to heart. I have women in my family who would've benefitted from NMT's services if only it was available decades ago. NMT is empowering more and more women every day, and in turn, these women will teach their daughters the value of an education. Working with NMT has been such an amazing experience, and I will continue to volunteer my time for this organization.❞

Sana Askari, Volunteer

❝No More Tears is an organization that has dedicated itself to taking care of women and children that the rest of the world has forgotten about. I have met many of the survivors that No More Tears has literally saved, and their gratitude to the organization is palpable, and can bring one to tears. When a woman has endured years of humiliation and abuse, and has been forced the unbearable cruelty of watching her children suffer too, and when she feels her most vulnerable and desperate, it seems that that is when No More Tears always knows how and when to step in. To offer a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, and a moment of grace. Grace because you see, for the first time, a glimpse of hope in these survivors' eyes. This is No More Tears. I am proud and honored to know and serve this organization.❞

Serena Dyer, Donor and Volunteer

❝No More Tears is one of those few organizations where you know that every single dollar you give or item you donate goes directly to a person in desperate need. The work that Somy and her team does changes lives for the better and so many people have literally had their lives saved because of NMT. I am in awe of Somy's dedication to helping people. She gives everything she has selflessly and without question. No More Tears is a driving force of good that is sorely needed in today's ever-changing world, leading by example and making all of our lives better in the process.❞