❝The helplessness one feels while in an abusive situation is overwhelming. But, when No More Tears opens its doors for you a wind of hope comes over you. As a survivor of domestic violence, I am who I am today because of the blast of hope NMT pushed my way by opening the door for me.❞

Anonymous Survivor

❝Alone and scared, I called NMT's hotline on a Saturday morning. Somy herself picked up the phone. I cried and frantically explained my situation. Despite me being in Texas, Somy reassured me that she will help me. Her patience, consideration and kindness gave me a ray of hope. The next Monday, a immigration attorney called me and told me they would help me with my case for free. I will never forget how that ray of hope has given me the strength to continue life. NMT saves lives! Thank you NMT! Thank you Somy! You continue to inspire me daily with all the stuff that you do! May God bless you!❞

Anonymous Survivor

❝NMT is unlike any other organization! They waste no time in removing you out of the abusive situation. They not only care about the parent but the safety and well being of your children. After being a victim of domestic violence NMT has helped me to become a stronger women as well as a parent in protecting and fighting for a safer environment to raise my child. They have helped me break the cycle of domestic violence. I am no longer a victim, I a survivor.❞

Anonymous Survivor

❝The helplessness one feels while in an abusive situation is overwhelming. But, when No More Tears opens its doors for you a wind of hope comes over you. As a survivor of domestic violence, I am who I am today because of the blast of hope NMT pushed my way by opening the door for me.❞

Alanna DeGol, Former Intern

❝As an immigration attorney I believe that immigrant survivors of domestic violence are among the most vulnerable groups in our society. This is especially true when they are women and children. They live in the shadows of the shadows. Working with No More Tears is like shining a light to chase those shadows away and bring lives back into the sunshine. It is uplifting to witness the transformation from "victim" to Victory. It's awesome. I would encourage any donor or volunteer to connect with Somy Ali and No More Tears. Get involved!❞

Callan Garcia, Esq., Immigration Attorney, Garcia & Miranda, P.A.

❝I first learned of NMT while looking to purchase clothing for a cause which led me to the SO-ME designs website. I was so inspired by how Somy Ali was able to not only remove the victims and their children from their unfortunate situations but give them shelter, emotional & legal support, a lot of love and an education to ensure a bright future. When I met the NMT family, it was just that-a family. The humility and strength can truly be felt, both through the NMT team and its survivors. With every victim that is removed from a domestic violence situation, NMT is successfully breaking down the chain of domestic violence.❞

❝As a therapist and women's advocate, it is easy for me to understand the need for an organization like Nor More Tears. Yet, it is the commitment and dedication to help with such selflessness that inspires me to want to give more. I may not be able to give much of my time, but I know that my financial support is saving lives and that makes my heart smile in gratitude. I am proud to be a supporter!❞

Amy Baez, Donor

❝NMT is not just a cause. It is a movement that sheds light on an issue we seldom hear about on the news or TV. The women NMT has helped are women who often have no communication skills, no personal income, and have been raised in third world countries where rebelling against your husband usually leads to public humiliation and punishment. As a Pakistani-American, I find this organization especially close to heart. I have women in my family who would've benefitted from NMT's services if only it was available decades ago. NMT is empowering more and more women every day, and in turn, these women will teach their daughters the value of an education. Working with NMT has been such an amazing experience, and I will continue to volunteer my time for this organization.❞

Sana Askari, Volunteer

❝NMT is more than just a cause for me. I have been supporting and helping it as much as I am able to over the years. I never realized how widespread domestic violence against women is since I have been fortunate enough to never have experienced it personally. The smiles and freedom these women and children have once rescued gives me a feeling of peace. This may be only one drop in a huge ocean but it's a start. WE can make a difference.

When I first found out about No More Tears, I was working as the local charitable arm of a retailer. Because I had worked with Domestic Violence organizations in the past, I assumed they would have shelters and programs just like any other.❞

Mary Aguilar, Donor

❝No More Tears is one of those few organizations where you know that every single dollar you give or item you donate goes directly to a person in desperate need. The work that Somy and her team does changes lives for the better and so many people have literally had their lives saved because of NMT. I am in awe of Somy's dedication to helping people. She gives everything she has selflessly and without question. No More Tears is a driving force of good that is sorely needed in today's ever-changing world, leading by example and making all of our lives better in the process.❞

Bjørn Jensen, Donor

❝When I first found out about No More Tears, I was working as the local charitable arm of a retailer. Because I had worked with Domestic Violence organizations in the past, I assumed they would have shelters and programs just like any other.

I was wrong! No More Tears is women helping women escape, recover, and become self-sufficient like no other. The support system is vast, not dismissing women when they complete a program, but instead keeping up the contact and emotional support for the victims and their families. Their approach, more of sisterly support for one another, undergirds each woman as she begins the journey to independence and self-confidence. The people of this organization help the women to see their own potential, and help them reconstruct themselves. They help women with finding a home, furthering their education, and facilitating lifelong friendships so that they can keep each other strong.

If an established nonprofit group were to analyze their work with diagrams and conventional thinking, they would talk about how it can't work. (Most DV programs have a very high rate of recidivism.). Yet No More Tears succeeds where they fail because they don't push them out the door with good wishes and not much else. The women who choose not to remain victims have lost the emotional support of their friends and family, in most cases, and must build that group from nothing. Why No More Tears succeeds is that they have figured out how to provide what's missing in the other programs: a new family of peers, friends, and guides that help one another to succeed.

By relying on volunteers and the devotion of the founder, No More Tears has the lowest overhead possible, so all funds go directly to help the women and children. Their needs are great, including rent and deposits, clothing for growing children, funds for education, and more as each woman works towards sustaining herself and her family. They succeed and then give back themselves!

I heartily endorse No More Tears. Giving to NMT changes lives forever, which changes the world. Please don't forget to make a legacy gift as well, for until the world is changed, the need will continue. Thank you, Somy and Laura, for leading the mission into the future!❞

❝NMT provides many valuable services and resources to those who reach out to them. One resource is knowledge. Knowledge empowers people and it is something no one can take away from another. I have been so blessed to have been born in a country such as the US, and to have a wonderful husband, who has always encouraged me to be my own person and supported me in all my endeavors. Our small support of NMT is our way of 'paying it forward.'❞

Marinelle Kesinger Szenasy, Donor

❝Somy Ali has taken on a challenge that is increasingly gaining in relevance and priority. Even as I am typing this, somewhere in the US, the precious life of a woman or a child is getting choked out. There isn't much time. For every minute wasted in hesitation, there are at least a hundred voices getting beat down into silence. It's in all our hands to strengthen the reach and impact of No More Tears. Every dime donated will go a long way in getting life and livelihood that could make our future stronger, better and more humane.❞

Anand Rao, Supporter

❝I have been a monthly donor for No More Tears since 2011. Despite never having met Somy in person, I feel like I have known her for ages. Sometimes I wonder why that is, and when I introspect I quickly find the answer. I truly believe that Somy is an angel on earth, and that the reason for my connectedness with her is due to her selfless and giving nature. In Somy, you will find a woman who has actively become the voice of not only victims of domestic violence, but their children as well. It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that she is ending the vicious cycle of physical and mental abuse, and thus ensuring that every woman and child can have a bright future to look forward to.

It is evident how much No More Tears means to Somy, not just by the endless amount of hours and hard work she invests in her cause, but also by the genuine pleasure she derives from helping others. Somy is assisting countless women every day, by providing them with the necessary tools in the form of education and jobs, and by instilling in them the confidence they need to become independent in all aspects of life. She needs the help of donors and supporters to continue her work, and it is up to us to aid her in this important mission. If this isn't reason enough to support No More Tears then I can't think of anything that is. Let's wipe away the tears of women and children by helping Somy in the cause of humanity. Together we can make a difference!❞

Roma Urooj, Donor

❝NMT is not like any other organization I have been involved with before. NMT is a family that comes together with the victim and provides them with all the tools they need to become a survivor. Whether it be helping a victim settle into a safe place, making it feel like a home or by providing educational assistance. Since I have been volunteering with NMT I have been in awe of how strong these survivors are and look forward to assisting more victims and watching them succeed.❞

Kristina Geo, Volunteer

❝I want to say thank you so much to you, No More Tears and all people who is helping us and supporting organization. I want to tell how stronger I'm now then when you first meet me and my daughter. Your moral support and connection give so much! I know that I'm not alone and always can count on your advice and help. I'm very thankful that NMT gave me opportunity for sessions with therapists with me and daughter, not to live in life in fear, crying in the pillow in the nights and not knowing what to do, how escape from situation and having storm inside myself that it's not normal to live like this. I cannot return back to my country without my little daughter or to feel myself as a slave living with a husband. The opportunity to study and trust in myself that I can be a student again, in USA, that I'm in power to change my life inspire it hard steps. That I know my daughter will grow as a strong person, that violence roots from my country, my family history abuse will not be in her. I wish that in my country of Eastern Europe would be more support and education for women against family violence and child abuse. I'm very thankful to providing us legal and immigration help. I cannot believe that next week I will be also American citizen! That my husband’s words were just words to scary and control me, that our life is changing so positively. I know my weakness and what I need to change inside myself that to become successful and happy person. And what more opportunities we can have, if to work and study hard. My case is so long time... I'm so thankful for all moral support and emotional connection, financial assistance, for saving my daughter, car, our lives! Somy, thank you so much for all your help! I know someday I will be better financial and I can help No More Tears back. Love you. Hugs and all best wishes from us to you, your family, NMT and all people with good hearts supporting your organization! ❞

Anonymous Survivor

❝NMT has been a wonderful partner in assisting victims of domestic violence. They respond quickly and compassionately to our victims. NMT provides referrals for counseling and offers direct services to clients. Also, Somy has been an advocate for advocates by brainstorming resources for victims in crisis situations and by building partnerships in the community. NMT has been an extremely positive asset in the field of Crime Victim Services.❞

❝Because of my illegal immigration status most state/county agencies could not, would not help me, after I met with Somy she helped me with one month's rent, referrals for counseling and pro bono attorney services. I am truly grateful to have met such a caring person who took a personal interest in my problems and helped me resolve the most immediate ones. I believe people need to be made aware of NMT and the impact it has in victims' lives. I am fortunate to have been helped by NMT.❞

Anonymous Survivor

❝I am proud to say I was one of the first volunteers with No More Tears. I met Somy while working for another domestic violence organization and we immediately became good friends. Her passion to help others, and to do so with as little red-tape as possible, really resonates with me. As we have worked together and built our friendship, I have become even more convinced that the way that No More Tears helps people is the key to ending injustices in our communities. With a open mind, warm heart, dogged persistence and amazing creativity, No More Tears is able to rescue victims from abuse and help them remain not just safe but also ready to enjoy happier lives. Somy truly believes in transforming communities one family at a time, and this is why she pours her heart and soul into each survivor and his or her family, meeting with them immediately and personally ensuring that all their needs are met. It is because of this passionate commitment to helping others that I have also introduced my family, friends, co-workers and students to No More Tears. I am even more excited to be a part of this organization as we expand our mission to help even more people!❞

Laura Finley, Friend, Board Chair, Donor, and Volunteer

❝I first came across No More Tears as an internship program for a class I was taking at FIU to complete my bachelor’s degree. Not only did Somy enlighten me about a really important problem facing our world, domestic violence, but she brought me straight to the action where she helps victims rise above their situations. I was lucky enough to see her accept No More Tear’s first gay man being abused from domestic violence. Somy bought him a new set of clothes, provided him a place to stay, and warm food just to name a few. Now, I donate every chance I can because I know that No More Tears uses every resource they have for the sole purpose of helping abused humans, and that’s something I can stand for.❞

Katerina Sanchez, Donor and Former Intern

❝I have worked with No More Tears and Somy Ali over the past few years, because I saw how much Somy and the people she was helping really needed the assistance. When I first met Somy, her passion and devotion to NMT and its purpose was overwhelming. I could tell that she was committing herself completely to the causes that she strongly believed in. She needed others to join in her ambition to help people in difficult circumstances. It has been a privilege and an honor to be associated with Somy Ali and No More Tears!❞

Howard Yelen, Immigration Attorney

❝Domestic violence is a serious societal problem in this country. Its prevalence and negative impact on individuals, families, and society make it an important phenomenon to give one's support. Therapy is one of many interventions to assist in stemming and eliminating the impact of domestic violence. No More Tears provides me the opportunity of being a part of the solution to this problem. This privilege informs my role as a volunteer.❞

Cynthia Somers, NMT Therapist

❝No More Tears is an organization that has dedicated itself to taking care of women and children that the rest of the world has forgotten about. I have met many of the survivors that No More Tears has literally saved, and their gratitude to the organization is palpable, and can bring one to tears. When a woman has endured years of humiliation and abuse, and has been forced the unbearable cruelty of watching her children suffer too, and when she feels her most vulnerable and desperate, it seems that that is when No More Tears always knows how and when to step in. To offer a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, and a moment of grace. Grace because you see, for the first time, a glimpse of hope in these survivors' eyes. This is No More Tears. I am proud and honored to know and serve this organization.❞

Serena Dyer, Donor and Volunteer

❝I have known Somy Ali and No More Tears since 2011. Somy has been providing such an essential service to domestic violence survivors. Somy goes above and beyond to ensure that survivors receive support in their time of crisis. Somy always responds with great empathy and identifies the details that make the big difference. Somy is always working with community partners and survivors. From restraining orders and legal services, to career training programs and housing, to finding baby cribs and household items… her dedication, passion, and empathy are immeasurable.❞

Francesse Cherie, Victim Advocate, Women In Distress

❝I am proud to work with No More Tears by offering pro bono immigration legal services to foreign national victims of domestic violence and children in need of life-saving medical care. From the minute I first met No More Tears founder, Somy Ali, I was blown away by her infectious passion to help society’s most vulnerable people. I have heard survivors call her “an angel” and say she was “sent from heaven.” Somy thanks me all the time for the work that I do for NMT, but in reality I am grateful to her for giving me the opportunity to take part in something so special.❞

Jacob Ratzan, Esq., Immigration Attorney

❝Words can’t do justice to the work which Somy does for those who do not have a voice. Everyone talks about doing the right thing and lending a helping hand for those who need it the most. It’s very easy to simply donate a few dollars and be at peace with yourself thinking that you have made a difference, don’t get me wrong... without having the support of those who donate, things would be difficult. Speaking from personal experience which I’m sure others will agree, it’s very difficult to give up your comforts and time to help others, Somy is the perfect example of an individual who has accomplished this. For Somy to devote her life and time to benefit others is truly a great task indeed, we come across "celebrities" who are 'involved' in charity work, but I wouldn’t say that Somy is 'involved' but rather IS the work.

Over the recent years as I’ve come to know Somy I can say she is one of the kindest people I know. I have come across many famous' people and it’s rare that I meet someone who is genuine and reflects this on a daily basis. I am proud to call her my sister!

No More Tears isn’t something that’s about 'Somy', it’s about a platform dedicated to helping those who need it the most. Domestic Violence can target anyone, its doesn’t matter if your rich or poor, what age, race, religion or sexual preference you are or even if you are a man or women and that’s what makes NMT special, it provides a voice for all. NMT and Somy are both an inspiration and goal for me in the sense of becoming a person who can truly make a difference in another’s life. May you continue to move forward in with all the great things you do and one day put an end to the violence around the world.❞